A Nashville, TN based pageant production company, LA BELLE FILLE is a professional pageant production company offering Professional Mobile Productions. Services provided are: Pro Stage Lighting, Professional Audio, Pipe and Drape, Painted Backdrops, Stage Decor, Stage and Portrait Photography, DVD Video, Closed Circuit Broadcasting of Event on Flat Screen TV's.

We specialize in mobile pageant production to make your event look spectacular in every way. From the day your event takes place, and also after your event when it's published to your website or for advertising. We offer premium video for an outstanding DVD, high resolution stage shots for your contestants, professional lighting along with multi color lighting, lasers, fog....for a great after party for your event!!!

You need flashes at a pageant. Anyone who tells you otherwise is not a professional, and do not know what they are talking about. And not only do you need a flash but you may need up to 5 external flashes. Can you shoot a picture without a flash absolutely. But the problem is the pictures are grainy because you have had to lower the shutter speed so much that the cameras speed setting cannot keep up. The result pictures who are not sharp crisp and often are not perfect. Blowing them up is often a problem.

Streaming video we pioneered streaming video for pageants in 2006. Why do we not offer it? Its simple, its not safe any site can be hacked and due to moms concerned for the safety of their children we stopped offering video streaming service. Some new companies have come into the picture offering it acting like they started it all but they didnít. The fact that they do offer it shows the inexperience they have in the industry. If it was wanted we would be doing it. But for the safety of the children we do not offer it based on feed back from years ago.
Blue ray we did the first HD Blue ray disk for a pageant in 2009. The price of the players was too expensive and the product is not always reliable. We offer it always have for those who ask. Of course you can request a blue ray disc of an event for an additional fee.

DVD Video, we have created over 190,000 DVDs more than any pageant company. We have the best professional video cameras on market. We do not use PROSUMER Cameras or Still cameras converted to video cameras. They are not suitable for pageants or any event in which a camera must be turned to follow a contestant.
We are the standard in which every company compares or name drops themselves to. Bottom line is we do more pageants than anyone because we know what we are doing and we can handle any request including doing up to 3 ballrooms! Directors have formed a trust with us and consistently re-book with us because we donít make excuses we just handle whatever it is that they throw at us. We have full time dedicated staff we are not part timers who have a second job or who are recently laid off looking for a piece of the action. We have the money and resources to make your event happen and we have made countless relationships with commercial production companies all over the country to make any request come true.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will take the time to contact us for your pageant production needs. Please feel free to e-mail us or use the contact us page here at labellefille.com.

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